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Looking for work in Allston or nearby, or know someone who is?

This place is an AWESOME vegan pizzeria.

Dear friends & supporters,

We at T.J. Scallywaggle's Vegan House of Pizza & Subs are honored and humbled by
your continued expression of appreciation and encouragement for our efforts to
build an all-vegan activist comfort-food chain that will someday rival the big
guys. Thank you.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, at this moment we find ourselves with a
serious shortage of people-power.

First, former owner and current operational manger Hassan Moutaoukkil will be
going on a well-earned vacation to Morocco for several months. Hassan has been
instrumental to the daily operation of T.J. Scallywaggle's and will be missed.
We thank him, and wish him, his wife Halima, and his two daughters Selma and
Khadiga, a wonderful vacation. We look forward to their safe return.

Second, team member Mike Arthur has chosen to make teaching his primary focus.
Mike is having a great time working full-time with kids ages 3 to 6 at Fairy
Tale Childcare in Allston. Mike will continue to work with us, organzing our
"Thursdays at T.J.'s" music series, starting with local folk-punk singer Clara
Hendricks, who will perform live in our shop on Thursday, April 5, 8-9 pm. We
also hope to see Mike behind the counter once a week as his time allows.

Third, team member Kevin Su has moved on to begin training for a managerial
position at China Pearl Restaurant in Woburn. We hope that Kevin might continue
delivering for us once a week as his time allows.

Thank you to Mike and Kevin. We support them in their new primary endeavors. As
we say, "Once a Scallywaggle, always a Scallywaggle."

Thus it comes to pass that we now face a serious shortage of committed team
members working at the store. To remedy the situation, we're asking our
customers to spread the word: we seek several responsible, capable,
progressive-minded people who may be inclined to work and grow with the
Scallywaggle project. The following positions are available.

>> Full-time Servers -- serving customers, prepping food, cleaning (maybe

>> Full-time Drivers -- delivering food, prepping food, cleaning (maybe

>> Operational Manager -- all of the above, plus opening & closing the store,
organizing supplies and work schedules

>> Business Manager -- all of the above, plus helping organize finances,
business structure, growth, & fund-raising, re-organizing our delivery system

>> Project Partners -- all of the above, plus sharing in ownership & directional
control of the project, participating in a future Scallywaggle governing

For these positions, we seek serious, hard-working people with a positive
outlook toward life, a personable-ness in dealing with the public, a certain
maturity and inner motivation, and a comfortable affinity with the Scallywaggle
vision. Most of all, we seek people who feel that they might commit to helping
our project advance to the next level.

All team members must be available during our busy hours, 6pm to closing,
especially weekends. We aim for diversity on our work team.

The benefits of working at T.J. Scallywaggle's include (1) the opportunity to
learn restaurant, managerial, and organizational skills, (2) the opportunity
meet a wide variety of interesting, active, caring people, (3) the opportunity
to apply your creativity and talents to a worthwhile project in its early,
formative stages, (4) the opportunity to help build the broader movement for
progressive social change. Career and advancement possibilities at T.J.
Scallywaggle's are virtually limitless.

To apply, please call us directly at the shop during work hours at 617-787-9884,
and ask for Steve. If you have applied in the past, and are still interested,
please call again. When you call, please leave your contact information.

To meet our current situation, we are revising our hours. Despite the listing on
our menus, for the foreseeable future our new hours are:

>> Sun, Mon, Tues, Weds: noon to 11pm
>> Thurs, Fri, Sat: noon to midnight
>> Delivery will be available during the dinner & evening hours, based on our
capacity. Please allow an hour for delivery, and call in your order a half hour
before closing.

While our current shortage of people-power is cause for concern, we are hopeful
that several talented, inspired people might step forward. If YOU are
interested, please call us! Once we consolidate a solid, stable work team at
our Allston store, we'll move forward more boldly toward a second shop in
Jamaica Plain.

Thank you to all our friends for all your creative and diverse efforts towards
making this world a better place, and, again, thank you for your continued
support. We truly have the best customers in the world.

Namaste (the spirit in me honors the spirit in you),

Steve Karian, for the team at
T.J. Scallywaggle's Vegan House of Pizza & Subs
487 Cambridge St., Allston, MA 02134
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