Blue Rose (x_bluerose_x) wrote in boston_veg,
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Falafel King

The bestest falafel I have EVER HAD is at Falafel King on Winter St in Boston. Not dry or like hockey pucks, tastes great and wicked cheap.

Only open weekdays for lunch but ooh so worth it. Get on the T and go go go go go

They even give you a free piece of falafel while you're waiting in line. Dipped in hummus, which I swear is homemade. Ditto with the tabouleh.

Not everything they have there is vegetarian, but most of it is. My favorite meal is the falafel salad.
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Yes, I ate there a few years ago and thought it was quite good, too. I hardly ever make it over there while there are open, so if I am in the mood for falafel, which is often, I have to head over to fan hall.